Dear God:

just decoding your carnage

and something feels incomplete

you know how I obsess

over the details and all these

little things add up

I tried to loosen up

but instead I just

closed up.


I can't stop thinking about

rib bones, it just seems

like a strange thing to mold.

I am perplexed by animal behavior

the mechanical process of birth

and death, clinging to pseudo progress

and forgetting to trace it

back to rib bones.


it is a bitter period

and some think that you are dead

but most would

say you are on their side

that is if

one believes

those that you allow

to lead nations.

do you ever

roll your eyes at

the liars?


we are running out of resources,

it's true.

we will have debates but

no solution, I am hoping that you

will always at least give us bread and fish.


unlikely that you will let me

slip into heaven

wouldn't want me disrupting

the true believers

with beer pong matches.