The Circle



What can it be

she hears laughter in the distance?


Maybe now taking hold of his hand

will succeed.


Her circumference abode is

not camouflaged but aware


Of Mr. Rabbit blanketed through the

deep snow.


Of the crow who caws for

the one spectacle that inhabits the

circle with her…


a lone worm; dead and frozen…

hunted for the warmth of the hunter.


He still holds out his soul… for

that one chance to place himself

within her…





She is on a journey of enlightenment…a

redemption worthy of Sun Ra and Apollo

to verbalize in legend and song.


There is no room for him within

the sphere of her crystallized domain.


She will sail with a discovered radiance…

He will pocket his losses and go…


Away from her rings of chancel beauty…

Because no alter of illumination can comfort

the chances that were never there.





2008 Sins



Dawn disappears

and chooses

no living today…


Outside, sandy winds

surround soldiers


They are not coming home.


Sleek speakers never

say their words carefully,


although they try…


As glaciers melt

and the sun rapes young woman

who now know nothing

of innocence.


The depraved and morality lawless

will climb their horse,


and ride away…


never caring about the destruction they’ve caused…